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WECH is a resident-controlled Community Land Trust in the Harrow Road ward of North Westminster.

WECH is membership-based organisation, with every tenant and leaseholder being entitled to join. WECH currently has 628 members. The Annual General Meeting often attracts over a hundred residents, to elect the board members. Elections are frequently contested, which helps to ensure that those elected are genuinely representative and accountable. All board members are supported with training sessions and an annual awayday.

The resident involvement of WECH is encouraged by the social and community activities taking place at WECH. Social events are organised by the Social Committee, which has a list of over 60 residents who have volunteered to help with the various events taking place throughout the year. All volunteers are invited to the planning meetings organised before each event, encouraging residents to contribute their ideas to determine and shape the events taking place. The activities aim to involve residents of all ages and backgrounds. Resident control at WECH is boosted by this programme of social and community activities, helping to build a community in which residents, board members and staff work together.

WECH also has a Community Centre and Watson Gardens – our new park on the Harrow Road including a multi-purpose sports pitch. We also operate the Community Champions and Maternity Champions projects for the Harrow Road ward, commissioned by Westminster City Council.