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Harrow Road Community Champions

Harrow Road Community Champions builds on the skills and knowledge of local communities, we bring people and services together to improve health and wellbeing.

Everyone welcome at Wech!!

The Harrow Road Maternity and Community Champions is in full swing We are really excited to be running the WECH Festival at Tamplin Gardens again on July 15th alongside a whole host of other activities over the next three months. Please come and join us or contact us on the phone number or email address below.

Residents in our area have many challenges. Shockingly, recent research shows that men living in Westminster have one of the lowest life expectancy rates in the country. There is an 18 year difference in life expectancy for men living in the most deprived areas of Westminster compared to those in the least deprived.

As Champions we are aware of our neighbours and friends and we are trained to be vigilant about who needs our support locally. We mostly do this by meeting and talking and deciding amongst ourselves about how to do this.

Issues such as such prostate cancer for men and Type Two Diabetes in certain groups in our community are very prevalent conditions in our area. Poor mental health is also something that many of us also struggle with. Champions are trained to provide health information and activities for all health and wellbeing. But importantly to provide a listening ear, a cup of tea, music, refreshments and friendship. Childhood obesity is also at record high levels in our area. It is not easy to cook nutritious food on a budget when so many of with children are also time poor.

We are running a range of different workshops around: mental health and wellbeing food and nutrition workshops; information for parents and drop-in sessions for and older people. We will be to running cooking sessions aimed at cooking on a budget and providing nutritional advice.

Please also look at our website and social media pages for those of you who can access this information but if not, we will also be putting up posters and fliers locally for those who do not access social media. Wech residents will receive this notice through their doors. For wider residents in the W9 area do look out for our new Community notice Boards in the local area for up-to-date information.

Maternity and Community Champions activities are listed below:

Harrow Road Gardening  Group – “Wech urban agriculture”

This is a new activity for all residents in W9, hosted by Harrow Road Community Champions and supported by local residents. We have identified three local ‘Parklet” spaces in Warlock Road and Fernhead Road on land owned by WECH.

Majic Forest

Champions baby clothes swap and coffee morning drop in.

Every Monday morning in term time between 10.am —midday

For all expectant and new parents – come along and meet us. We have an informal coffee morning with light refreshments, bring along clothes your baby has grown out of and have a look at things that might fit your baby. Maternity Champions are volunteers who are trained to give support to expectant and new mums and provide information about services available – or just a listening ear. We have the best coffee in the Harrow Road – so just rock up with your baby and we would love to meet you, no appointment necessary.

Community Champions drop-in

Monday afternoon 1.30- 3.30 – all welcome. Our Community Champions have decided to focus on supporting older people around IT access and using smart phones. We also have bingo, board games, health info and refreshments. Come along!

WECH Community Choir!!!

Starting May 24th All welcome Every Wednesday 

Wech summer Festival


Our Vision

Our focus is to protect the health and wellbeing of the residents within our community and the wider community. We aim to achieve this by engaging proactively in outreach and community activities.


Who we are?

We a local group of volunteers that have a passion for the health and wellbeing within our community. We engage with individuals to advise and guide them towards options to improve their health and wealth being.

Our experience has been achieved over many years of engaging within our local community, the tacit knowledge we have obtain from our work is paramount to achieving better results in having a greater social impact. It is our intention to spread our love to enable and empower a community that values their health and wellbeing.


Our Mission

To reach as many people as possible to improve the health and wellbeing in our community and the wider community.


Core values

We believe that it takes a community to improve the health and wellbeing of the community. Anything can be achieved when people work together collectively you just must believe.