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Moving home

You can apply to transfer to a different property by contacting us:

Your application will be awarded a category band based on your circumstances. 

You can register for a transfer if all three of the below apply:

  • You are a WECH tenant
  • You have an Assured Tenancy
  • You need to move

Upon acceptance of your application, you will be notified in writing within 14 days of receipt.

Please be aware that while we will make every effort to accommodate requests, vacancies are scarce and there is no assurance that we will be able to provide an offer anytime soon. Therefore, we advise residents to look into other options for securing a transfer.

This includes signing up with Homeswapper or House Exchange for a mutual exchange.

www.Homeswapper.co.uk or www.houseexchange.org.uk

Please note: If you are not a WECH resident or a social housing tenant, you will have to contact the housing services at your local authority to have your housing needs assessed.