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Rent and Service Charges

We review our rents and service charges annually.

When we set the rent, we will always look at our 30-year business plan and determine what our rent levels need to be in order to cover the costs of running the organisation and maintaining our homes.

The Government tell us how to review your rent and outline that we must make sure that these charges are affordable and reasonable. We aim to set rents at the lowest possible level for WECH to remain solvent for the next 30 years.


1) What do rent or service charges cover?

Your rent payments cover the costs of providing, managing, maintaining and improving your home. It helps to pay for the following:

  • General property repairs and maintenance
  • Making improvements to ensure our properties are in line with Government standards
  • Buildings insurance
  • Housing Management costs including dealing with breaches of tenancy, income collection and other tenancy issues
  • Office and staffing costs

Your service charges cover any specific services that you receive from us. This often includes the communal areas on your estate or in and around your property. These charges are based on the actual costs from the previous year as well as inflation.

2) I can’t afford to pay my rent or service charge. What do I do?

Please contact us and ask to speak to your Income Officer or Leasehold and Service Charge Officer. We can then offer you advice and guidance. It is really important that you speak to us so we can go through your situation with you.

You can contact us by calling us on 0207 266 3347 or emailing: housing@wech.org.uk for leasehold, service charge and rent advice.

3) I am struggling with many debts. Where can I get help?

Robinson Wilson Solicitors are next door to us and can provide you with free Welfare Benefit and Debt advice. If you would like to book an appointment, please contact us.

You can contact us by calling us on 0207 266 3347 or emailing:emailing: housing@wech.org.uk for leasehold, service charge and rent advice.

There are many other organsiations that also provide free and impartial advice. Some of these include:
• Citizens Advice: 0808 223 1133
• National Debt Helpline: 0808 808 4000
• Step Change: 0800 138 1111

4) How long does it take for payments made to show-up on my account?

It depends on how the payment is made. Typically, most payment will reach your account the day after payment is made.

5) Why was I served a Notice of Seeking Possession when I am paying as agreed?

You have high arrears or are in over 4 weeks in arrears, but we will not take further legal action if you continue to pay as agreed.

6) I am struggling to keep to court order, what do I do?

You can contact the court and ask to apply to vary the court order. This will often mean you will have to attend a hearing where the judge decides if the order should be varied.
Please contact us and let us know if you wish to make an application to vary your court order.

You can contact us by calling us on 0207 266 3347 or emailing:
housing@wech.org.uk for leasehold, service charge and rent advice.

7) I want a transfer/mutual exchange but I have arrears.

You are expected to have a zero balance (no arrears) but speak to your Housing Officer for more information.

You can contact us by calling us on 0207 266 3347 or emailing housing@wech.org.uk

8) How can I check my balance?

We are currently working on adding this function to our website. In the meantime, to check your balance please contact us.

9) I make changes to my current direct debit?

You will need to contact us so we can make these changes for you.

You can contact your income officer by emailing housing@wech.org.uk or calling us on 0207 266 3347

10) Why does my rent amount differ for properties that are the same size?

There are many different factors that are taken into consideration when working out rent charges. This can include the policy in place at the time that you signed your tenancy agreement.

11) How do I make a claim for Universal Credit?

You can complete an application for universal credit online at www.gov.uk/universal-credit/how-to-claim. Please bear in mind that you must complete your claim within 28 days of creating your account or you will have to start again.

If you have any questions about making a claim you can also call the Universal Credit helpline on: 0800 328 5644

12) I do not agree with my service charges. What should I do?

Please contact us for a breakdown of the service charges.

You can contact Costas by emailing constantinou@wech.org.uk or calling us on 0207 266 3347