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Raise a Repair

During office hours

To report a repair, please telephone our office on 0207 266 3347

Out of Hours

If this is out of normal office ours, and your repair is an emergency, please contact JUST 24/7 Ltd – their telephone number is 0208 979 2220.

If you have a gas leak call Emergency Gas leaks

Please call 0800 111 999.

I am a Leaseholder, can I use your repairs service?

If you own your home then generally it is your responsibility to carry out and pay for any repairs.

Classification of repairs

Emergency repairs

Completion deadline: 1 working day

Examples of emergency repairs
(Potential to cause danger to health, residents’ safety or serious damage or destruction to property)

  • Gas leaks
  • Water leaks (severe)
  • Drains overflowing affecting the property
  • Complete loss of electrical power
  • Severe roof leaks
  • Loss of water supply
  • Burst pipes
  • Loose masonry (to remove a hazard to life or limb)
  • Blockage to only toilet in unit
  • Loss of gas
  • Loss of heating in cold weather where there is no other form of heating available
  • Loss of immersion heater, if this is the only source for hot water

Urgent repairs

Completion deadline: 5 working days

Examples of urgent repairs:

  • Partial loss of electric power or light
  • Unsafe power, lighting socket or electrical fitting
  • Partial loss of water or gas supply
    Loss or partial loss of space or water heating
  • Blocked or leaking drains or soil stack
  • Toilet blocked, or not flushing
  • Blocked sink, bath or basin
  • Tap which cannot be turned
  • Leak from water or heating pipe, tank or cistern
  • Leaking roof
  • Insecure external window, door or lock
  • Loose or detached banister or hand rail
  • Rotten timber floor or stair tread
  • Door entry phone not working
  • Extractor fan not working in a kitchen or bathroom with no other venting
  • Loose masonry (not a hazard to life or limb)

Non-urgent repairs

Completion deadline: 15 working days

Examples of non-urgent repairs:

  • Minor plumbing leaks not causing damage
  • Gutters and external drainage
  • Other repairs including minor glazing, internal joinery and plasterwork


Completion deadline: 28 working days

Examples of routine repairs:

  • External paths, boundary walls, fences that are not a hazard to health
  • Dampness: to investigate and to confirm how the repair is to be carried out
  • All other repairs of a non-urgent and minor nature